Pocket and Tick Tick integration

Being someone who likes to read, I know how important and difficult it's to manage the blogs and articles that I come across daily.

For this purpose, I use a powerful app called Pocket. It allows me to keep a track of all the articles that I have read or want to read in the future. (Another equally amazing app is Instapaper which does the same job.)

However Pocket, at the time of writing this blog, does not have any widget that allows users to see all articles they have stored.

And I being a "productivity nerd", decided to do something about this.

I like plain simple to-do lists that allow me to track a variety of things such as what movies to watch or what things I need to buy from Amazon during festival sales.

So I decided to club the 2 things close to my heart. The plan was to create a to-do list of all the articles that I save in Pocket.

I initially thought that I can connect the webhook of Pocket with one of my to-do lists. (BTW I use Tick Tick for maintaining my todos.) However, when I started reading the docs of Pocket, to my surprise they didn't have support webhooks. 😢

So I finally connected the API of the 2 apps and deployed them on a free cloud service to make sure that it runs seamlessly.

Once everything was set up, this is what my productivity looks like.

The todo list in green has all the links that I save in the Pocket app which calls the API of the todo app and creates a new entry with the name and the URL of the article saved.